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So, has your soul opened?

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Reach The Fountain Of Youth Front Cover

Reach The Fountain Of Youth Back Cover

Did You Know:

Your own greatness will unveil, when you let your Soul to shines.

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Reach The Fountain Of Youth

Ponder This:

“If you believe your destination,

you become your goal.”

Torry Fountinhead 2004

Reach The Fountain Of Youth

"People, both young and old, simple and experts, throughout the centuries, were seeking The Fountain of Youth not wanting to accept, what seemed to be, the destiny of each one. Legends were created, but no answer at hand. What if we have had the answer in the palm of our hands - ALL THE TIME."

Profound statement to help you reach the right state of mind, to enter the Fountain of Youth.

"Contemplations are our tool to go within, to reach the wisdom of the ages, as we connect to Universal Mind. It does have some requirements though, so read on, and reach to it."

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